Icelandair needed to replace their existing SMS tool (AQD) with a tool which could satisfy the following requirements:

• Easier to use by their staff throughout the organisation.
• Simplify and reduce the number of incident report forms which currently being processed.
• Interface with the Icelandair Operational system so that form fields can be automatically populated which will simplify the process for reporters.
• Produce more meaningful risk analysis and have drill down capability.
• Interface with their FDM system so that links could be made with ASRs associated with FDM events.
• Easy to implement and upgrade to new versions – Hosting solution.

Icelandair was already a long standing customer of FlightDataPeople and had been using FDM360 for many years. The hosted SMS360 system was evaluated and selected to replace their old Client Server based AQD system. The smart form design offered by SMS360 meant that new simpler forms could be employed and the number of forms reduced from 19 to 7. The forms set up were Air Safety Reports, Maintenance Safety Reports, Cabin Safety Reports, Ground Safety Reports, Fatigue Reports, Hazard Reports and Voyage Reports. In the previous system the reporter had to choose from a variety of reports, the new forms are one form per user role. For example, ground handlers can only use the Ground Safety Report, only the pilots and cabin crew have to choose between Air Safety Report/Cabin Safety Report or Fatigue Report; the pilots can additionally file their Voyage report in SMS360. The forms were designed with selectable, collapsible sections to make them easy to use but also allowed many of the old forms to be integrated into one form.

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