Icelandair implements SMS360

Icelandair has upgraded their old AQD SMS system with SMS360. The historic data from AQD was cleansed and migrated to SMS360 and within minutes of going live, they we able to perform drill-down risk analysis that had not been possible using the old system. They also replaced 19 incident report forms with 7 user friendly SMS360 forms. Having so many old AQD forms was causing Icelandair a lot of additional work due to the complexity of managing these and doing meaningful analysis was becoming more difficult. Eddie Rogan, FDP Sales and Marketing Director, said that he “was delighted that Icelandair has chosen SMS360 to replace AQD” and added that “we have now successfully migrated safety data for customers replacing their old AQD, SafetNet and Sentinel systems”. Icelandair also use FDM360 and are looking to use the interface between SMS360 and FDM360 to make further improvements in the way that they manage safety.

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