We understand that our most valuable asset is our people

FlightDataPeople (FDP) first started as a Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Service to British Airways and other airlines using BAFDA (British Airways Flight Data Analysis). The team has extensive safety management, operational, engineering, maintenance and IT experience within airlines. In 2013 they expanded their product and services to include SMS software and are the first and currently only software provider to produce FDM and SMS solutions. We believe that our most valuable asset is our People and this is why we have it in our company name. We also understand that your people are the most important asset in your organisation and we never forget that they are the most important requirement in everything we do.

“Simple” and “Effective” are not mutually exclusive as some software suppliers would have you believe. The reality is an easy to use tool will be more effective than an overly complex one because people will use it more. SMS software developers often forget that the liveware (people) is more important in safety management than the hardware and software requirements. At FDP we understand this and our intuitive and simple workflow can help to promote a more effective safety culture throughout the organisation allowing a more holistic and proactive approach to safety management and flight data monitoring.

  • The most important requirement in software design is the human interface!

    Prior to starting FDP, Paul was a Software Development Manager for British Airways Flight Operations where he was responsible for the development of programs such as BASIS (British Airway Safety Information System), HOMP (FDM for Helicopter Operators), and BAFDA (British Airways Flight Data Analysis).

  • Flight Data Monitoring is often called a "Black Art" but our software makes it more understandable to those who need it.

    Peter has over 40 years experience in the aviation industry, focusing primarily on the recording, downloading, replaying and analysis of flight data. Prior to starting FDP, he was General Manager at Teledyne Controls London Heathrow Airport and also worked at Spirent and British Airways.

  • The best way to describe our software is that it helps Accountable Managers sleep at night!

    Eddie has over 35 years in the aviation industry and has focused on aviation safety management for over 20 years. He has held senior management positions in British Airways, Superstructure Group and OsyS (Part of the Rolls Royce Group) and is a very active contributor to industry associations, conferences and expert working groups.