The dynamic cloud-based flight monitoring solution

FDM360 is a pure web-based Flight Data Monitoring solution built on industry standard Microsoft technology. Although much has changed in the years since Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) was first developed as an integral part of the aviation safety process, one fundamental thing has not; the data collection and event detection process must be as robust and simple as possible in order that sufficient resources can be applied to the most important task of turning the data into meaningful information. FDM360 has been designed and developed to take advantage of modern web-based technology expected in the workplace today. FlightDataPeople has reviewed the FDM market and incorporated into FDM360 - and improved on - many features employed by its competitors. FDM360 is fast, highly functional and yet incredibly simple to use. FDM360 comes in a “light” version with minimal functionality which ‘covers the basics’ when operating with a limited budget, up to an advanced configuration, offering Crew playback, instrumentation views, APM, Fuel and Engine Health Monitoring extracts.

Comprehensive data handling & viewing tools

Our fully hosted, web-based FDM360 service includes the following features:

  • Scalable secure web-based hosting with access via PC or Tablet - 24/7/52
  • Scheduled transfer of flight data by most convenient method
  • Auto data replay
  • Operations feed support
  • Weather feed
  • SMS360 interface available
  • Maintenance and support
  • Automatic back-up, antivirus etc.
  • All FDM360 housekeeping included
  • Technical event validation (to remove any false events)

The system consists of the following primary components:

  • Replay Manager - Control of data processing & viewing tools
  • Event Store - Access to validated event data, event management & trend tools
  • Portal - List of all available flights & viewing tools
  • Replay - Crew access to view own flights only
  • Usage - Maintenance view for recover statistics data viewing tools
  • Configuration - System setup and configuration tools
  • Reflight 3D - Offline 3D Playback capable of generating videos for the Event Store

Click on the link below for more information.

FDM360 Information Sheet
​Click below for a video of Reflight 3D