The dynamic cloud-based flight monitoring solution

People who really know about Flight Data Monitoring will tell you that it is important to have access to data when it is required but the overhead costs associated with ensuring the data is always available can be prohibitive. If you want to have the best of both worlds – ready access to data without the costs, then read on.

The software used in our Flight Data Monitoring service was developed by British Airways - the first airline to set up a flight data department some 40 years ago. Although much has changed since then, one fundamental thing has not - the data collection and event detection process must be as robust and simple as possible in order that sufficient resources can be applied to the most important task of turning the results into meaningful information. The software used by flightdatapeople.com has been refined and developed by British Airways over the years to ensure that efficient, reliable and high-quality analysis can be achieved 100% of the time.

Comprehensive data handling & reporting tools

We believe that the methodology employed in this British Airways’ developed system for processing and analysing flight data is not only the best practice in the industry, but will simplify your processes and reduce the time taken to turn your flight data into meaningful information. We also believe that your monthly costs will reduce so please, why not join the growing number of customers who know that there is another way. We can simplify your business, save costs and deliver the best practice methodology in our industry.

With additional features such as 3D Flight Simulations, Geo Analysis, data capture & extraction for Fuel Efficiency, EHM, APM, aircraft usage and data capture statistics, admin/user control and audit tools and an optional crew performance profiling module, FDM360 ensures that reliable, high-quality analysis can be achieved 100% of the time. Click on the link below for more information.

FDM360 Information Sheet
FDM360 Information Sheet