An easy to use tool will be more effective

A software tool to support an effective and integrated Safety Management System need not be complicated. In fact, to be effectively used by everyone in the organisation, it needs to be accessible and as easy to use as possible with minimal training and installation effort.

“Simple” and “Highly Effective” are not mutually exclusive as some software suppliers would have you believe. The reality is an easy to use tool will be more effective than an overly complex one because people will use it more. SMS software developers often forget that the liveware (people) are more important in safety management than the hardware and software requirements.

The 360 degree view of your safety system

At FlightDataPeople we understand this and our intuitive and simple workflow can help to promote a more effective safety culture throughout the organisation, allowing a more holistic and proactive approach to safety management; letting you see the full 360 degree oversight of your organisation. Findings and actions from all safety related incidents and investigations can all be managed and analysed in the same tool.

Powerful in-built analysis and reporting tools allow the identification of high risk areas and events and also are used to show that completed actions have been effective. This enable organisations to demonstrate that risks are being managed and that they have oversight of their safety system. Comprehensive and sophisticated analysis can be performed simply and the tool can be set up to measure and display an organisation’s Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs).

A hosted SMS tool is now available to all

Our solution is simple to implement and use. There is minimal training cost and, because we host the software, IT costs are also kept to a minimum. Our fees are simple to understand and there are no hidden extras or large up-front costs.

Many SMS software tools have become increasingly complex over the years due to legacy issues and airlines struggle to keep on top of the very tools that were intended to make managing safety easier! SMS360 is new and specifically developed to meet ICAO SMS and IATA STEADES requirements without any “baggage” from the old ways of doing safety and quality management! Click on the link below for more information.

SMS360 Information Sheet
SMS360 Information Sheet

SMS360 has been designed to be intuitive to allow it to be used throughout an organisation with minimal training, providing an effective, organisation-wide solution. The SMS360 Offline Reporting App also makes it easier to report occurrences when they happen and not later when the reporter has online access but may have forgotten some of the occurrence details.

At FlightDataPeople, we are passionate about what we do and appreciate the importance of safety management to your business. Our goal is to ensure that you have an effective SMS tool using best practice techniques giving you 360 degree oversight so that you can meet you safety assurance objectives. Read our White Paper on Simpler Means Safer by clicking on the link below for more information.

Simpler Means Safer White Paper